You should be proud of your landscape. It’s your part of your home, and you’ve worked hard for it. Your lawn is the first impression as your guests drive up and neighbors pass by, and it says a lot about you. The outside of your home reflects the inside.

At Jeremiah Wheeler Landscape, we want your lawn to display how much you care. Rather than having a messy, rotting yard, with spots that need help you just don’t have the time or ability to tend to, let us step in.

Our goal is to create a crisp, clean and fresh environment to surround your home. Walk out each morning to a landscape designed to reflect your love of home, family and community.

  • Consultations: for landscape design and installation
  • Sod Replacement: to create a fresh, immediate improvement
  • Planter Beds: to renew with mulch, bark or gravel
  • Planting and Removal: of shrubs, bushes and trees
  • Decorative Curbing: to enhance your lawn’s “finished” look
  • Efficiency Reviews: to eliminate any potential money drains